Jordan Jeffers


This blog is (very poorly) explained in the first post. Which you can find at:

It’s a short story, so you kind of have to think about it a little bit.

The rest of this blog contains the following:

  • Funny essays on nerd topics, sports, and (very occasionally) politics.
  • Short stories, especially science fiction and fantasy
  • Christian theology

It’s a weird combination, I know. I also mention my wife, Madelyn, a lot because she’s awesome about giving me time to write this stuff. And I love her.

Lastly, if you want to offer me a book deal, you can write to me at If you don’t have a book deal for me and you just want to chat, write to me anyway. Just know that I’m incredibly sensitive, and I don’t take criticism well, so please don’t say anything bad about me.

Go in peace, friends, to love and surf the web.

Through Christ our Lord.



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